5 Companies putting their staff first… and it shows

These companies have put their staff first and it shows….

Here are five organisations that understand the value of their staff. The companies understand the benefit of having inspiring working environments that motivate and stimulate employees and provide environments that suit the work and activities staff have to do on a day-to-day.

Collaborative meeting space



1) Melbourne Server Hosting

This family-run, server-hosting IT company believes that their staff are their most important asset. As a result, they’ve created this vibrant office space to reflect the team’s personality.

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2) Friday Media Group 

This forward thinking digital media company wanted a new office interior that reflected the growth of the company and the value of its people.

A key feature of the office interior is the hive meeting pod. The bright pink circular meeting pod is a feature that can’t be missed as visitors walk up the stairs to the main office area.

In the breakout areas there is astro turf flooring, picnic benches, and deck chairs and vivid wall graphics.

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3) Shiplake College

OK, so technically the students aren’t employees however the college still looks to get the best out of its students and has taken a revolutionary take on the traditional school library to create a modern collaborative working environment that encourages group working but also provides quiet space for focussed work.

The space is buzzing with stimulating design features, most noticeable is the bright yellow hive informal meeting pod. A stand up meeting table with large LED screen can be shared by a team working together. Astro turf flooring certainly gives for a different feel to a library.

4) Red Bull,  headquarters in Amsterdam

Redbull wanted an inner space that reflected Red Bull’s philosophy.

Faceted metal plates surround cave-like rooms and a winding mezzanine. Roof gables define three bays inside the offices, one of which houses the string of metal and plywood meeting areas that incorporate a DJ booth and a recording studio. In the toilet, mosaic walls illustrate religious characters DJing and performing karaoke.

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5) iZotope, Cambridge Masachusetts

iZotope is a developer of audio technology that supports the creative efforts of composers and producers in studios across the world.

The company wanted a design that supported the company’s culture.  The design needed to reflect authenticity, precision, and meticulous detail and the designers incorporated herringbone tiles, custom barn doors built from reclaimed wood, and artfully restored brickwork. The resulting workplace inspires, supports rapid growth, and communicates iZotope’s persona.

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