7 low-cost ways to rocket your office productivity levels

Boosting profit margins is always a key goal of any business, and apart from having a complete corporate shake up there are plenty of ways in which the average business can tap into their most valuable resource – their staff.
So here we’ve put together seven essential tips for rocketing your office’s productivity… and most amazingly they’re designed to work on even the dreariest of Monday mornings!

Return on investment


Getting psychological with colour

Colour is seriously underestimated within the office, with many an office opting for the standard magnolia or white… which leaves both their walls as well as their staff feeling cold and unloved.
So why not inject some vibrant colour with a feature wall. Research has shown that different colours have different effects:

  • Blue – calming, helps endurance and concentration.
  • Red – promotes debate and discussion.
  • Turquoise – stimulates idea creation.
  • Tapping into the right temperatureNow we must deal with your office’s warmth in the literal sense, and it can seem that striking the right balance for temperature can be a matter of debate amongst employees. Generally, however, a temperature of between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius should keep most happy, and for those who like it cooler or warmer there is always mobile heaters or desktop fans to turn toward.Oh, and it always pays to keep the fresh air circulating to avoid the musty, stale office atmosphere that can lead to afternoon lethargy
  • Inspiring collaboration with well-designed workspaces
    Where offices were once decidedly cubicle shaped, with all too many opting for this 80s trend of segregating each employee, today productive workspaces are all about making collaboration easy.So create informal meeting spaces that are freely available for use for quick catch-up meetings. These can be simply some comfy chairs arranged in a loose circle. Ideally they should be close to normal working areas and semi-private to avoid distracting those still working around them.
    These informal spaces wouldn’t be used for confidential meetings but, in practice, most day to day meetings are not confidential and ideally need to happen right away to resolve issues or challenges as quickly as possible. A reliance on formal booked meeting rooms is one of the most unproductive features of conventional office design.
  • Reimagine manager’s offices
    Research has shown that generally manager’s offices are the most under-used space within an office. So try introducing some new guidelines requiring managers to make their offices available when they are out or in long meetings. They could be used as a small meeting room or a quiet room where other staff could perform tasks that demand either concentration or privacy.
  • De-clutter and clear out
    The old adage of “a cluttered space being equal to a cluttered mind” is never truer than when applied to the workplace. And apart from the psychological effect of living in clutter you are likely to have other problems such as mislaid paperwork or parcels.
  • So de-clutter and clear out.
  • Rethinking layout based upon… well, the way in which you actually work
    Over time office layouts tend to just grow without too much thought as to who actually works or interacts with who, and what resources or files they access on a regular basis.
    Just by rearranging the seating plan can save a significant amount of wasted time and improve communications within a company.
  • Drive home your company mission and values with inspiring graphics
  • Do your team know what your company mission or purpose is? Can they remember the company values off by heart? Have they got the BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) in front of them? No? Well then your office needs a few well-placed and well designed graphics.
    Digital printed graphics can be applied to walls, storage units, glass partitions and even floors to make sure the key company messages are kept at the front of your staff’s minds.So that’s it… seven fresh ways of installing a little inspiration in your office staff.

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