Are work friends more important than salary?

Which is more important at work – Happiness or salary? What is your preferred method of improving worker relationships in the office?

5 key findings on happiness vs salary

Friends in the workplace survey 2017 1



A whopping 61% of workers chose happiness at work over salary. Workers would prefer to be happy and companies need to act accordingly. Work ethos is important. People may now be leaving jobs not just for money, but for a nicer working environment.

Friends in the workplace survery 2017 gender



Happiness at work compared to 81% of women who felt happiness was more important. Do these results conform to traditional stereotypes?



85% of managers, directors and business owners surveyed prioritised salary over happiness, compared with 70% of entry-level, interns and executives saying happiness is more important than salary. Does this highlight a potential disassociation between those higher up and those below about what drives motivation?



All age groups surveyed value happiness over salary – a whopping 82% of over 45’s chose workplace happiness over salary. Would offering perks instead of financial rewards be the best way to motivate an older demographic? 69% of employees in SME businesses valued happiness over salary, compared to 56% of those in larger firms. Do larger corporations offer more opportunities to socialise?