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A flexible and multi-functional space that can support a variety of functions

Meeting Rooms can be formal or informal.  They can be high-profile boardrooms or small interview rooms.  They can be enclosed private rooms or open collaborative spaces.  Whatever they are Meeting Room Design must ensure that the necessary facilities are available for effective meetings.

Effective Meetings Are Key

Effective meetings are vital for teamwork and the smooth operation of any business or organisation.  Meetings can be between team members or heads of departments, they can be with potential clients or key suppliers, they can be long and boring, or they can be to-the-point and inspirational!

Flexible Meeting Room Designs 

Increasingly meeting room designs are required to create a flexible and multi-functional space that can support a variety of functions. The boardroom may also need to be used for training or staff meetings. The small one-to-one meeting room needs to be able to function as a focus room for concentrated tasks.

The provision of formal and informal meeting places should form an integral part of any office interior scheme.  Whether your company wants to retain the time-honoured elegance of the traditional boardroom or have a sleek, contemporary style we can meet your requirements.

Meeting Room Design Solutions

Spectrum Workplace can design formal meeting rooms or informal collaborative meeting areas. We can supply solutions for entertaining clients or brainstorming with colleagues – combining furniture with co-ordinated storage for hiding plasma screens and other AV equipment. 

An increasingly popular method of enlivening meeting rooms and areas is to introduce wall graphics. This is a surprisingly cost-effective and easy method to give a meeting room a face-lift.

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Key Statistic.

  • Needs to promote productivity
  • Can be formal or informal
  • Vital for team work
  • An integral part of any office