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Designed for activities and tasks rather than status

The Office Quiet Zone or Focus Room is becoming a standard component of the modern workplace. There is a general trend towards replacing the traditional managers office with a Focus Room or Office Quiet Zone that can be booked by any member of the team. This facilitates work that needs concentration and quiet to achieve a good result.

Why do you need an Office Quiet Zone or Focus Room?

All too often employees complain that they just can’t concentrate, or they keep getting interrupted by colleagues when they really need to be focussing on a key task that has to be done with a deadline looming. Recent studies have also shown that the typical cellular individual office is unoccupied around 77% of the time and many companies are recognising that this is unsustainable.

Space is allocated according to activities rather than status.

The theory is that space becomes designed and allocated according to activities and tasks rather than status. The facilities manager of a large corporate said that “We are trying to get away from offices by status, most of the directors are now in open plan but they have access to private space.”  This thinking is driving the inclusion of the focus room or office quiet zone within the typical office landscape.

The Office Quiet Room is a multi-functional space

The Office Quiet Zone or Focus Room becomes a multi-functional space that can be used for focussed work, one-to-one meetings or somewhere to take confidential phone calls.  To maximise the use of the room it is recommended that it is equipped with network connection and power, a projector or LCD screen and also a whiteboard, flipchart or smartboard.  For many larger companies it is also very useful to have video-conferencing facilities.

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Key Statistic.

  • Key part of a modern workplace
  • Ideal for tasks that need concentration
  • Used as part of an activity-based scheme
  • Multi-functional area
  • Great for knowledge workers to be productive