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Increase storage density and also generate real cost savings in reduced floor space.

An essential element in any design solution are the office storage, filing and resource areas.  Often given little thought but of critical importance to the overall performance of the workplace. Take a look at some of our office storage ideas.

Spectrum Workplace can provide ingenious storage and filing systems that can greatly increase storage density and also generate real cost savings in reduced floor space or improved document retrieval times. We can offer a variety of solutions and can advise on which is the best for your needs.

High-density Office Storage Case Study

View an office storage ideas case study illustrating a bespoke storage system produced for the Hampshire Police.


Resource areas are often challenging. They need to be close to the teams that they serve but they also need to be out of the way and unobtrusive. Containing noise pollution from printers and other devices is a typical issue. We have a number of ideas to resolve these issues. We recommend that you give us a call to discuss on 023 9247 9933.

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Key Statistic.

  • Floor-to-ceiling storage wall to maximise the use of available height
  • High-density mobile shelving systems for the ultimate in storage density
  • Standard double-door cupboards in either wood finishes or metal
  • Side-opening tambour cupboards in either wood finishes or metal
  • Mobile pedestals and desk-height variants to complement desking ranges
  • Personal storage and locker units for desk-sharing environments
  • Special waste disposal units for the segregation of waste at source