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It needs to reflect and support the corporate brand and image.

Reception Area Design is a key part of an office design proposal

The design of your reception area will speak volumes!  This is where your visitors form their first impressions of you.  They are a very important but challenging component of a workplace design scheme. A reception area needs to be welcoming but secure. It needs to look sleek and professional but also be practical for the receptionist to perform other functions. It needs to reflect and support the corporate brand and image. The Reception Area Design should inspire confidence and reassure visitors that you mean business.

Reception Area Design for the future 

The office reception area is often an under-utilised space.  The trend in reception area design is to create multi-functional spaces that can become informal meeting areas and support short duration tasks by providing touchdown facilities. Reception areas also need to comply with all the relevant regulations including Equality Act 2011 and fire regulations.

Reception Area Furniture – Design and manufacture

Spectrum Workplace has vast experience in designing and creating custom-built furniture that will really enhance your reception area and realise your vision. We have CAD design and bespoke manufacturing capabilities and can create reception desks and counters in any shape, size and finish, also incorporating your company corporate identity and branding.

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Key Statistic.

  • Creates a great first impression
  • Has to be welcoming but secure
  • Can be multi-functional
  • Doubles up as a Touchdown Area