Creative office design can make a huge difference

Most FTSE100 companies are opting to finance some capital projects by leasing office furniture and refurbishment projects rather than using bank finance or cash.

Leasing Office Furniture

Leasing Office Furniture is very straight-forward. As a general rule leasing can be used for any office furniture project with a value of more than £1000 + VAT.

Leasing Office Refurbishment and Fit-Out Schemes

The rules regarding the leasing of office refurbishment and fit-out schemes are rather more complicated. In essence any elements of a project that can be removed are eligible e.g. partitioning, suspended ceilings, carpet tiles (not sheet flooring). Elements that are not eligible are items such as decorating, sheet flooring. For clarification on what can or can’t be covered by an office furniture or office refurbishment leasing scheme then please contact us.

Advantage of Leasing

  • Improved cash flow
  • Bank lending options are kept open
  • Budgeting is simpler with fixed monthly or quarterly payments
  • In many cases it can actually be cheaper than using cash, after taking the tax implications into account