What are the actual Office Design Trends in 2021?

Some of the Spectrum team visited CDW Unlocked in Clerkenwell in July 2021.  This blog is a summary of the key design trends that they observed.

What new products have been launched to accommodate the new normal?

What are the latest workplace colour trends in 2021?

What office design features are just fads and will probably fade back out?


Now things are starting to get back to some sort of normality, what are the design trends for office spaces?

Some of the Spectrum team visited CDW Unlocked in Clerkenwell where many office design and furniture showrooms were opened back up to visitors. There were a number of strong design trends in evidence which could be summed up as Resimercial, Biophilia, Curtains, Vertical lines and Natural colours.

Let's just quickly run through each trend in a little more detail.

Office Design Trend 1 - Resimercial

The trend to a softer Resimercial style has been gathering pace over the last few years. However with Covid forcing people to work from home and become used to having home comforts, the trend to design a 'home-from-home' feel has increased. This is shown in numerous ways compared to the old-style corporate office design.

The term 'Resimercial' is a combination of the words 'Residential' and 'Commercial'. So you could say the definition of Resimercial is "commercial office space design but with a residential look and feel".


Office Design Trend 2 - Biophilia

Biophilia is again, not a new trend. However we are definitely seeing a strong move towards planting in particular becoming a standard part of the office design rather than an optional extra. We think it is part of the move towards the Resimercial and more homely look for offices. 

It is also strengthened by the increased awareness of environmental issues and companies wanting to demonstrate their green credentials.

Biophilia also includes other natural materials and imagery - in fact any design features that evoke nature.

There are a few definitions of Biophilia but a common one states that it is the "idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life." Brittanica


Office Design Trend 3 - Curtains

Interestingly curtains seem to be a hot new design trend for offices and workplaces in 2021. 

As part of the trend towards more flexible office spaces there are a number of new space-dividing products which allow designers to create walls that aren't walls! These products are often using curtains as the means to create a soft and easily reconfigurable divider.

Good examples of this trend is the Circle of Life product and also the Mews system by Boss Design.

Curtains can either be used as acoustic barriers using a heavy-weight fabric or a more subtle privacy divider using a light-weight voile fabric. Examples of both can be seen in the Spectrum showroom in Havant, Hampshire.


Office Design Trend 4 - Vertical Lines

This is a bit random but we definitely could see a strong trend to products with vertical lines. They kept cropping up from reeded glass panels to timber slat wall panels. You could also see them in the curtain pleat details, in ribbed cushion backs on soft seating and more.

One interesting product that introduced the trend in a novel way is the Harper system by Connection. This uses old bungee jumping ropes to create a subtle divider. 


Office Design Trend 5 - Natural Colour Palette

In keeping with the trends of biophilic design and also the resimercial look, there is also a strong trend towards more natural colours being used in office designs. These can range from dark greens through to browns, beiges and also dark orange and soft pink. 

These colours obviously complement the placing of plants and wood finishes.



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