You need an experienced team working with you to design your amazing new space.
We specialise in designing commercial spaces for both landlords and occupiers.


Designing an great interior space is not an accident - it requires a clear design brief, a talented design team and a proven design process.

Firstly you need to consider what your actual needs are now and for the coming years. Most companies will take a 5 or 10 year lease on an commercial space so you need to ensure it will work. Next you need to establish what the look and feel of your space should be. We often have companies say they want an office like Google. But Google's office design suits Google's culture which may not be right for your company. We can create your own unique look and feel for your interior that will portray your brand, nurture your company culture and motivate your team.


Our experienced and talented design team are one of our key strengths. They have delivered hundreds of amazing spaces for our clients and are great to work with.

In our design team we currently have senior designers, technical designers, 3D visualisers and design technicians.

Meet the team


You want to ensure that your new interior is designed using a proven design process. Our design process has been honed and fine-tuned over the years to ensure we deliver great interior designs time and again. 

The design process normally follows this process:

  1. Workplace Consultancy
  2. Conceptual Design and Zonal space planning
  3. Design development, Look and Feel, Colour schemes
  4. 3D Visualisations and walk-through videos
  5. Full Construction drawings


All of our case studies include design - CLICK HERE to view all Case Studies.

A good example of an office design case study is Bartholomew’s in Chichester, West Sussex – OFFICE DESIGN, SUSSEX. Another design project that we undertook recently was for a serviced office and coworking space in Southampton - OFFICE DESIGN, SOUTHAMPTON.


Read some testimonials from happy clients who have used our expert design team to create their dream interior space.

“The thing that impressed me most about Spectrum Workplace has got to be the design. Fundamentally their design knocked the spots off the other competitors that we had.”

Director, Flight Data Services

"Strangely we found a lot of the companies we spoke to weren’t actually too forthcoming in helping to create a concept or idea so we came to you guys after having a bit of frustration really.  From day 1 you were fantastic.  You sat down and actually helped us put the concept together as we are not necessarily experienced in the interior design or creating a great workspace."

Director, Friday Media


Are you aware that your interior space needs to change but are not quite sure where to start?

We offer a free initial consultation with businesses on the South Coast who are interested in changing or improving their workplace.

This can be done virtually over Teams or Zoom or in person subject to availability of consultants. 

To request a consultation please complete the form or give us a call on 023 9248 9933.




Our design team are proven, experienced and easy to work with. They design commercial interiors that look amazing but also really work.

A great design starts with a great design brief. We ask questions, observe your team, climb inside your company to establish what your dream interior actually looks like. We then create layout concepts and ‘look & feel’ moodboards to see what you think. Once we have feedback we tweak, adjust and finetune to get it right. It is also a collaborative process, working closely with you and your team until we get it right. As we close in on the solution we put the space into 3D. This means we can walk you through the office which really helps you to visualise the finished office space.

Once the design has been agreed and signed off then the design team’s work carries on. Next they produce detailed construction drawings for submission to Building Control and to issue to trades on site. They also like to keep an eye on the projects in progress to ensure their designs come to fruition.


Hybrid working is the big trend in office design. Essentially it is a progression from agile working and includes staff being able to work from home (or anywhere suitable) and/or in the office. The right split between home and office will vary from company to company and also from person to person within a company. If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Working and how you could implement it then read our article - WHAT IS HYBRID WORKING?

If you would like to start redesigning your office to suit a hybrid working model then we can help.